Woman Killed and body buried in neigbor’s compound


A family in shibuname village in ikolomani kakamega county is crying for justice after their kin who went missing in September last year was discovered to have been killed and buried behind a neighbours house.

It is said that the deceased who was thirty seven years old and a mother of four was in a company of her two sisters on the fateful day but remained behind only for her to disappear and later found dead.The owner of the home where the body was buried has vacated the home because of fear.

84 year old Paul shinyolwa is in distress following the revelation that his last born daughter Rosebella khamunya went missing six months ago was killed and found buried in a shallow grave behind a neighbours house that was under construction.

On September last year,the deceased was in the company of her two sisters running an errand and that was the last time she was seen alive.

The sister says on the day her sister went missing,she was supposed to meet a friend the same evening but the meeting never happened.All her neighbors said they never saw the sister.As days passed Paul was disturbed and he didn’t have peace and anxiety crapped in.He organized for a vigorous search exercise in the nearby river and searched the whole of river Yala but found nothing.He sold part of his land to cater for the search cost.

The search came to an end and they made peace with the disappearance only for them to hear that a human body had been discovered buried behind a neighbors house.Curiously, they went to see the body and in shock it was their daughters body

The owner of the house was still shaken and vacated his house after the incident

The family has now reported the matter to the police.Three suspects were arrested in connection with the act but later released .The body has been removed awaiting otopsy before being handed to the family for the final rites.


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