Davis and shirtliff companies proceed to accreditation for new water laboratory


Davis and Shirtliff will proceeed for accreditation  from the Kenya accreditation service for its new water sample lasting laboratory in Nairobi. The new accreditation means reports or certificates issued by Davis and shirtliff laboratory will now be accepted countrywide. With the population of 53million, about 28million Kenyans  lack safe water. Growing water demand  and scarcity have turned into a noticeable challenge in Kenya. 

In Kenya, climate change, water pollution  and poor management of water resources always aggravates to a water crisis. Water quality testing, contamination, and research. Through this, Health and economic band can be addressed. Davis and shirtliff new water quality testing facility will be used to monitor quality of water samples. 

From across the region,data is gathered and measure the effectiveness of water technology. Davis and shirtliff C.E.O says,the laboratory uses lightest technology. The technology tests the qualiform and equaliform  bacteria. The bacteria causes urinary track infections,respiratory illness and pneumonia. 

The test targets users like individual, drinking water vendor’s and borehole dealers. Borehole drillers and  line Institutions also included. Players in the manufacturing as hospitality industries and government  bodies plans to introduce many laboratory across the region. Networking will include regions and other East African  countries  in place 


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