“Uhuru forced me to release 9 billion against the law” Controller of budget


Just days after the Rigathi Gachagua promised to name, individuals from Uhuru’s regime who benefited.
in what he termed as the stealing 24 billion of public money, the controller of budget,

Dr Margaret Nyakang’o appearing before the parliamentary public petition committee following a petition by coffek secretary general Stephen Mutoro revealed that 55 billion shillings had been syphoned out of public coffers.
This, as she reveals happened during the transition period has tabled a series of conversations to members of parliament claiming former treasury CS UKURU YATANI forced her to approve the release of 15 billion shillings to the office of the president and to the ministry of infrastructure.
She says she was forced to sign 9 billion shillings which was Approved by the treasury under article
223 to the state department for infrastructure.

She added that UKURU led the docket utilized money from the annuity fund to fund the 9.2 billion project to the department of infrastructure against the law.
Among the irregular payments that was claimed to be settled with the money was 6 billion shillings to
cater for payment to Helio’s investment although parliament halted it’s payment and 4 billion shillings
for maize subsidy although stakeholders claim that they are yet to receive payment of the same upto
date together with 2.2 billion shillings directed to the ministry of defence
the controller of budget now also wants an investigation into a 27 billion subsidy fund that was
approved to ease pressure in the petroleum sector
The public petitions committee has threatened to order the arrest of treasury CS Njuguna Ndung’u for
snabbing it’s invitation to explain claims that the former regime spent in excess 50 billion shillings
without government approval.
As the public awaits on the deputy president’s promise to name these individuals involved in the money
theft, just how many people seem to have been involved and exactly how much money was indeed


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