Nandi senator bites into former president Uhuru Kenyatta on the cost of living


Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has now called on former President Uhuru Kenyatta to play his part in lowering the cost of living.

Speaking on Saturday, March 4, 2023, Cheragei stated that if the former President was really considerate of the current economic crisis Kenyans are facing, he should reduce the prices of milk and fuel through his companies.

He insisted that reducing the prices of basic commodities will help lift the financial burden off Kenyans shoulders.

Nimeskia Uhuru na wale marafiki zake wa mandugu zetu wa Azimio wakisma ya kwamba ati maisha iko juu. Wewe Uhuru unauza mafuta through Rubis, weka bei ya mafutachini uhurumie wakenya. Maziwa hapa yeye ndo anaunda Kenya mzima ya brookside, arudishe bei ya maziwa chini. Kama unahurumia wakenya kwa sababu ya cost of living punguza bei ya mafuta na maziwa through your companies,”

This translates to:

“I have heard Uhuru and our brothers from Azimio decrying the rise in the costs of living in the country. If you really pity Kenyans lower the cost of fuel and milk at your companies,” he stated.

The latest comes amidst concerns from Kenyans regarding the rising costs of living.

A section of Kenyans have taken to different media outlets to call on the President William Ruto-led administration to be considerate of the common mwananchi and reduce prices of commodities such as food and fuel.

Kama unahurumia wakenya punguza bei ya mafuta na maziwa through your companies

Nandi Senator Cherargei

National leaders such as Azimio supremo Raila Odinga have also called on the Kenya Kwanza administration to be considerate of the problems Kenyans are facing and play their part by making the economy favourable to all Kenyans.

Raila gave a two-week ultimatum to President Ruto to fulfil a raft of political demands and lower the cost of living among others. If these are not met, he said, he would spearhead demonstrations across the country, a move that threatens to rock the Kenya Kwanza administration, which is still taking shape six months after elections.


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