The government to import 4million bags of Maize this month

  • President Ruto’s Government plans to import 4 Million Bags of maize
  • The importation is to bridge the food shortage gap that is experienced in the country
  • The move is also Taken to battle the ongoing hunger which has been adversely experienced in the country

President Ruto’s Government plans to import 4 Million Bags of maize this month to bridge food shortage Gap in the country. The president also said that the action will go further to feed families facing starvation in arid and semi arid areas following the prolonged drought in the country.

Adding that he has no time to follow Azimio’s rally on high cost of living.
As Kenyans continue to succumb and cry to the government over high prices of food. President William
Ruto say that his government has laid down mechanisms to easy Kenyans over the increased cost of
living, president adding that the government has approved the importation of 4M bags of Maize as a
beginning to lower the price of Unga
President also said that the importation of other food stuff
Also weather forecasters have predicted a green weather that will go up to October but for now over
7M Kenyan are facing starvation due to ongoing drought. Head of state said that his government will
start to distribute relief foodto the affecte6 families
The head also said that the cabinet also approved additional expenditure to boost school feeding
program to secure leaners from Current drought
President also threw stones to opposition leaders over attempt to hold demonstration over the cost of
living and their demand over the IEBC servers


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