Religious leaders and Politicians oppose court decisions on LGBTQ marriages in Kenya

Pride flag. HBTQ flag. Rainbow flag. Fluttering in the wind
  • Members of the public have strongly come out to oppose the supreme court ruling on LGBTQ
  • The president opposed the move by the supreme court to legalize the LGBTQ community in the country
  • Political and religious leaders have come out to oppose the move by the Supreme court on legalizing the embattled community in the world

As the uproar on the court ruling to allow members of the LGBTQ community to be registered as an
association countinues to spark debates across the country , religious leaders and political leader have
now joined hands to strongly oppose the ruling saying it’s against kenyan social norms.
For once the Kenya kwanza alliance led by president Ruto and deputy president Rigathi Gachagua and that of the azimio coalition have come together to condemn LGBTQ.

Speaking on different occasions, the leaders have agreed that the ruling is unconstitutional and although they respect the court system, LGBTQ continues to be illegal in Kenya
The president speaking during the launch of the women enterprise fund said that LGBTQ behaviour
can in no way be tolerated in Kenya .
The Azimio coalition led by raila odinga and Martha karua backed up the council of imams in criticizing
the court ruling quoted article 45 of the constitution of kenya which promotes marriages of opposite
gender and not same gender
They also accused the Kenya kwanza alliance of giving in to pressure from western countries which
have always advocated for same sex marriages
Further , religious leaders and the clergy from different denominations have vowed to rally their
congratulation to oppose the court ruling .

The evangelical alliance have also vowed to collect signatures from their members to compel parliament to enact legislations that make all LGBTQ activities illegal in kenya.


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