Mobile phones on the rise after helping farmers on agricultural needs


Mobile phones are increasingly being used to provide small holder farmers with agricultural and related

There is currently graet interest in their scope to communicate climate and weather information the unpredictable weather conditions caused by climate change had become prevalent forcing farmers to rely on speculations while farming.

This has greatly affected crop yields and lowered productivity. With over 80 percent of farmers dependant on rain fed agriculture . There is need to be able to predict weather patterns onoreder to plan accordingly.

To address tulhe issue the Kenya agricultural and livestock research organisation ( KALRO) has developed a digital app to help farmers easily access weather information.
In machakos county farmers have experienced harsh period of failed rains and this lowers the
productivity of the produce . Rith mbithi says failed rains has caused more hunger. Other parts of the
world experience drough as well and continues to ravage the land.

Farmers are making intelligent decisions bu use of mobile phones apps. The mobile phone weather application is designed to provide agronomic advisory services to farmers by providing information on actions they need to take by providing information thy need to take in various stages of farming


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