Mithika linturi opens up for the use of technology to provide digital data services for farmers


Mithika Linturi, the cabinet secretary of the ministry of agriculture and livestock development has said that the Kenya Integrated Agriculture Management Information System (KIAMIS), platform can leverage information to provide extension , credit management and mechanization.

Linturi noted that strategy emphasizes the use of data and digital innovations as the main enablers for
the envisaged agricultural transformation in Kenya
KIAMIS is basically a digital platform with various components that enable one to organize and put
together then use the data to implement various support services .
The heart of KIAMIS is the registration of farmers and establishment of a national central farmers data
base to help understand their needs and come up with realistic and sustainable support interventions
He added that registration system has been tested and used to register farmers and give the farrtilizer
subsidy on a pilot basis


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