Amber ray accuses village people after being hospitalized


Controversial social media influencer, Amber Ray has given an update on her health after she was hospitalized.

The socialite was admitted after falling sick, and shared the update with her fans, revealing that she has been sick with a blood infection.

Amber Ray who is currently dating Kennedy Rapudo with the pair expecting their first child together explained that her doctors had assured her that her unborn baby is fine.

She however requested her fans not to pray for her, alleging that she is aware most would wish her death but she is divinely protected.

She blamed the situation on her “village people and enemies”.

“My village people and enemies have tried my heart wakapata ni mawe. Sasa wameona ugonjwa ndio itaniweza, anyway the doctor amesema ni blood infection but the baby is fine.

“And please msiniombee because I know most of you mtaniombea kifo but I’m divinely protected.”


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