Over 500,000 people in Wajir face Hunger due to climate Change


Points to note

  • Wajir and Mandera have never experienced any rain four seasons in a row
  • Over 500,000 people have been adversely affected by the ongoing drought in Mandera

Over 500,000 people in Mandera county are facing severe starvation due to the prolonged drought. According to the national drought management authority the county is at the alarmed stage of hunger caused by the drought.

Meanwhile the cabinet secretary has approved 4 billion shillings towards drought mitigation in 31 counties.

After the failure of 4 conserquative rainy seasons in Mandera county,the situation in the ground is wild and the lives and livelihood of more than  hundreds of pastrolists are at stake.

Residents in Lafe constituency are sharing at starvation and death. Hundreds of livestock have succumbed due to the harsh conditions in the area and due to the scorching sun and no rain, about 90% of the water pumps and dams in Mandera county have dried up.

According to the latest assessment, by the national drought management authority. NDMA, Mandera county is at an alarmed stage where over 500,000 people are facing starvation as drought worsens .The fear for the worst is when the April-March rains fail.

On the contrary, a section of leaders from Wajir county has urged the president to declare the ongoing drought as a national disaster to enable the government to mobilize resources to assist the affected population.

The drought in the country is at an alarming stage with more than 6 million Kenyans mostly from the north of the country affected. As part of the long term measures to address the devastating effects of climate change, the cabinet has allocated 4 billion shillings to the nations drought aliviation program


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