Three people die in a grissly road accident in Enaibelbel


Three people have died and six others sustained injuries after a public service vehicle they were traveling in was involved in an accident in Enaibelbel area,along the Narok- Nakuru road. On the contrary the national transport and safety authorities NTSA says that 80% of road accidents occur as a result of indiscipline on the roads.

In Enaibelbel area along the Narok- Nakuru road, a public service vehicle was involved in a road accidents where 3 people died and six others sustained injuries. According to Narok central Police commander, the accident occurred when the driver of the matatu travelling from Narok lost control due to a tyre burst. The bodies of the deceased were moved to Narok County and those injured were rushed to Narok hospital for treatment.

On the contrary the National transport and safety authorities says that 80%of road accidents occur as a result of indiscipline on the roads. This is after many road accidents have occurred especially on major highways.

A report conducted by NTSA shows that at least 704 people have succumbed from road accidents since January 2023 .This alarming number has been drawn from a total of 3315 road accidents.

The deputy director of NTSA says that the government will conduct a road safety audit on the accident hotspots in the country including the dark ngata bridge in Nakuru county.This is in the effort to put up mitigation measures to curb carniges.

Doctor kibogong was speaking during a public participation exercise in Nakuru on the proposed 2023 road regulations draft involving stakeholders from the counties of Nakuru, Baringo and samburu. The draft has further proposed that road users going against set regulations will face a six months jail term or one million cash bail or both.


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