Nigerian Polls filled with mixed results


AU Mission led by Former Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta Urged Stakeholders in Nigerian presidential
race to remain calm and committed to the Rule of law and follow democratic principle until the
conclusion of the process as some members are yet complaining of rigging of votes.

Nigerian elections were on heat as All progressive congress party leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu scooped ahead with 39.7% of 5.4 M valid votes counted against 32.2% of 4.4M votes of Atiku Abubakar of the main opposition people’s Democratic party (PDP) the opposition parties walked out of the counting process citing concerns of fraud terming it that election has been fraught with logistical and technological
difficulties that resulted in failure in many places in uploading results directly from each polling unit to
it’s website terming it as no transparency as guaranteed by the Independent National Electoral
Commission [INEC)
“The Electoral process has been rigged and we are completely disassociating ourselves from it,” PDP Atikus campaign manager Said at INRC center in Abuja
Following the inconveniences the AU Mission led by Former Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta Urged the
Stakeholders to remain committed to the rule of law until conclusion of the process encouraging any
grieved party to use legally established channel to seek justice.
The AU Mission blamed INEC for late arrival of polling official and voting materials and in some cases the
delivery of wrong materials has led to some inconvenience,
Beside that The AU Mission basis Nigerian were largely accorded to the right to vote confirming that the
announcement of results will continue to be handled with transparency and credible manner.


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