Government identifies major boost in employment opportunities in the manufacturing sector


The government have identified  leather, textile, dairy, pharmaceuticals  and automotive dub sector as the major booster in blostering employment opportunities in Kenya. Kenya targets to increase the contribution  of the manufacturing sector  to the GDP from the current 7.2%to 20%  by the year  2030.The manufacturing sectors contribution  to the economy has averaged 11% in the past decade, However, there is a growing  concern  over the sectors  deep in output. The sectors contribution to grow domestic  products, stood at 7.2% in 2021 down from  7.6% in 2020.

The depose attribute  to among others,corona virus destructions and the impact  of the Russia Ukraine war,factors that distracted local  and global supply chain.

The manufacturers have  renewed  calls on policy  makers to ensure a predictable tax regime  to support  the manufacturerers value chain.

Manufacturing  is known  world over as a creator  of jobs due to the value chains it involves  to drive Kenyans  industrials growth. All counties hv bn tasked with setting  up a country  aggregation  industrial  parks.


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