Prices of gases expected to hike up even more


Many Kenyans received messages from their local LPG retailers indicating a price hike In cooking gas.A spot check around Nairobi revealed that the price of cooking gas has gone up by at least 500 shillings for both a 6kg and 13 kg filled cylinder which are commonly used in homes across the country.

In 2 weeks the price of a 6kg cylinder has gone up from 1800 to 2600 shillings and that of 13kg cylinder has gone up from 2600 to 3100 

A business man in Nairobi who runs a small kiosk selling food has reverted back to cooking with charcoal as he can no longer afford to buy LPG.

He complains that this has affected his work as he takes longer to cook and it also affects his health

Othe LPG retailers around the area have stucked up all empty cylinders on top of one another as they seek means to fill the commodity.The dealers complain that this has brought their business down.


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