Farmers in Bungoma relieved after “promised fertiliser” arrives


Bungoma county farmers are in relief after the promise of supplying subsidized fertilizers has been fulfilled in their county.

The deputy county commissioner of bungoma county who was present at the Bungoma NCPB said that they have received 11000 bags of fertilizer and more bags are in transit for the second batch

NCPB regional manager Esther Chege said that the farmers are only supposed to pay for the fertilizer through mpesa message so as to avoid brokers

The farmers were satisfied but at the same time in worry about the protocol that is delaying their registration process.They are also complaining that the center to pick the fertilizer is far away from some of the farmers

The deputy county commissioner clarified to the farmers who were worried that their vouchers will expire in 7 days due to the delay.

He said that the voucher will only start counting from the day of fertilizer arrival.He promised that the fertilizer will be distributed to the nearest society where the farmers will easily pick it

The 3.8 million farmers who registered for the fertilizers are expected to receive the fertilizer which will be distributed in the 45 wards.The fertilizer is targeted to help more than 4 million farmers in the county.

by Vivian Nakwaka. A reporter at Tandao Tv


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