Diana pens a heartwarming tribute to late grandmother


Social media personality and rapper Diana Marua, has taken to her Instagram to share some of the lessons she learned from her late grandmother.
Marua’s grandmother passed away recently, and the influencer announced the news on Instagram, sharing her grief with her followers.

In her post, Marua recounted how she had planned to visit her grandmother with her kids after she received news that she was unwell. Marua immediately packed her bags but received news of her grandmother’s passing before she left.

“I had planned to go see my grandma with the kids this coming Sunday. Earlier in the week on Monday evening, I was informed that she was unwell. I got home and packed my bag to go spend the week with her.

“On Tuesday morning, I prepared, carried my bag set to leave for her place. I switched on my phone, and the first message I received was that ‘Mum has gone to be with Lord,’ Diana narrated.
Marua expressed her shock and disbelief at the loss of her grandmother, whom she regarded as a mother figure. She shared that her grandmother had been a pillar of strength for the family when they lost Marua’s mother.

“I couldn’t breathe. I screamed my lungs out. I was in shock, I was numb. She was the mother I didn’t have. She did all she could for us when we lost our Mum, her daughter.

“This pain, I cannot explain. You died in your sleep peacefully,” Marua added.

Marua also shared how her grandmother had left instructions for her loved ones to celebrate her life rather than mourn her passing. She said that her grandmother had requested to be buried as soon as possible.

Reflecting on the lessons she learned from her grandmother, Marua wrote, “You have taught me a lot in this life. How to be strong and move on with life, to let go of hurt and pain, and most importantly, what it means to walk with God.”


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