Kenya patners with Eu in a move to bloster green energy production


Kenya to persue EU Economic Partnership Agreement as a way to unlock regional Trade ,CS for Trade
and Investments Moses Kuria term it to be a way to market Kenyan Export to European Countries on
the same note president Ruto calls for more investment in clean energy in Kenya and Africa.

President Ruto has advocated for this while speaking to over 500 people who attended EU-
Kenya Business Forum held in Nairobi.
Kenya is yearning to grow economically from the first opening of European union in the country that
was attended by over 500 business people from the European union in Nairobi.

The two day event aimed at establishing partnership that will further open up trade for both Kenyans and investors as Cs for trade Moses Kuria termed it
The President used the opportunity to urge the European union to invest more in green

As a matter of fact over 80% of Kenyan electricity is generated from renewable energy and clean energy
In the congratulations the European investment bank led by Thomas Ostros, the vice president of the European investment Bank, made a commitment to mobilize 1.8 million euros to support Green Hydrogen project
This move was seconded by European Union to Kenya Miss Henrietta Gieger who advocates for
boosting competitiveness and securing global supply Chain.

By Romeo Were reporter @Tandao Tv


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