The agricultural ministry patners with The swiss government to educate the local farmers on Produce


The Agricultural ministry has partnered with the Swiss Government in order to boost local Kenyan farmers.

The Swiss Government has come on board to offer support by giving a Grant of about 5.2M US dollars .

The money is to be used to intstil knowledge to Kenyan farmers countrywide by implementing project Kenya intergraded Agricultural Management Information system (KIAMIS)in patnership with the agricultural ministry .

CS Agriculture -Mithika linturi
Swiss Government boost Agriculture
Agricultural Ministry get a Grant of 5.2M US Dollars
Agriculture being the backbone of Production in Kenya that offer both source of food and employment
opportunities to many Kenyans, Government has come up to scale up the production means by
enhancing use of foreign Methodologies to be incooperated in this sector.
The agricultural revolution has taken its shape where the ministry has partnered with Swiss Government
that has offered a Grant of 5.2 M US dollars to implement Kenya intergraded Agricultural Management
Information system (KIAMIS) that will shower new skills both physical, saving and how to deal with the
ever changing Climate change in our Region .
The government has said that by improving the production methods our value of export will also rise up
in the competitive world Market.


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