Family of sentenced Police officer appeals for help


The missing Bodies of lawyer willie Kimani,his client josephat mwendwa and driver Joseph muiruri were
found dumped in Athi river wrapped in polythene bags suggesting that they were strangled six years

The trio were killed after filling a report against sergeant Frederick leliman for shooting Willie in the
hand .

Six years down the line and justice was finally served to the victims families .

Fredrick who was the main suspect in the murder was sentenced to death by the court. His other co-accused Stephen cheburet was handed 30 years jail term .

The other convicts who had Participated in the murder Mrs Sylvia Wanjiku was handed a 24 years jail term and Peter Ngugi 20 years jail sentence respectively.
Whereas the sentencing came as a relief to the families of the victims and justice was finally served,
that was not the case to Frederick LELIMAN’S family.
Stephen LELIMAN , Fredrick’s father is not happy with the judgement and has apologized to the families
of the 3 victims and has asked that the sentence of his son be reviewed.the father says that since
childhood ,he had never received complains that his son had offended anyone

His mother Eunice has called for leniency from the president begging pardon for his son .she says that
Fredrick was an instrumental bread winner in the family.

According to his uncle , Wilson Leriana , Fredrick was a hardworking and humble man and has helped
educate many children in the family.


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