“Uhuru Must resign and join Raila” Babu Owino


Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has asked Former President Uhuru Kenyatta to resign as peace envoy in DRC and join Azimio in the anti-Ruto protests.

Speaking on Saturday, Babu reiterated that Uhuru and President William Ruto are playing political games and that the recent downscaling of the former president’s security is the latest sign yet.

“The first person to be employed in this country by Ruto was who? Uhuru. Would you employ your enemy as a peacekeeper?” he paused.

The MP went on to ask Uhuru to join them in the protest against Ruto’s administration if he really means business being in Azimio.

“If you want to see the genuineness of all this, Uhuru should resign and come to our demonstrations and say tibim and tialala. Without that we are not kids,” he affirmed.

The remarks by Babu came a day before the planned Azimio rallies in Kamukunji, Kibra.

The Azimio leaders are set to address their supporters in what is seen as a move to intensify opposition against the current regime.

Babu, who is an ardent supporter of the ODM leader, has been part of the rallies that have been castigating the Ruto administration.

President Uhuru, on the other hand, has been accused by President William Ruto and his allies of financing the rallies in a bid to evade tax.

The claims have been reiterated numerous times by his allies.

Uhuru has, however, denied the claims and accused the current regime of making noise simply because they have nothing else to do.


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