Step father sets house ablaze, kills his own son


In a bid to revenge against his ex-wife, a husband put his own house on fire killing three children instantly amongst them, his own son.

Luckily for the ex-wife, who was the main taget, was not around at the time of the incident as she had gone for some errands.

Former Nairobi governor Mr. Mike Sonko put the matters in cthe limelight after he posted videos of people astonished and others crying infront of three caskets believed to be carrying all of the three children.

In a post he said “Men let me address you at this time before you go to church. Tuki differ or kukosana na mabibi zetu or even girlfriends tafadhalini tuwachane na watoto and in any case kids shouldn’t even know of there’s a misunderstanding in the house. (Men let me address you before you go to church, if we differ in understanding with our wives or girl friends, Please leave the children alone.

In any case the children should not be even part of the mis understanding

He went on to reveal on what happened and the circumstances that led to the event. He further assured citizens that the police are on the matter.

He also highlighted the need for a mutual understanding in the family and peaceful diasgreement

Police are still looking for the suspect who’s still at large. As SRT we assisted the family in clearing all the bills including transporting the bodies of the deceased and the family to Nyakach, Kisumu. May the Lord rests the three innocent souls in eternal peace.


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