Twenty eight year old drowns during his birthday


A birthday party turned tragic after a 28-year-old man drowned in Nyamindi Riverlocated in Kirinyaga County on Thursday while celebrating his birthday in the company of his wife and a friend.

The husband drowned on Sunday, April 4 in the evening while on an outdoor activity to celebrate his birthday festivities. 

Gichugu Sub-County DCI boss Millicent Ochuka said that witnesses warned the couple several times about the danger of standing too close to the river bank but they ignored the warnings.   

The residents also told the police that the area was known to be a dangerous spot hence prompting some of the witnesses to warn the couple that they could slip and fall in the river.   

Residents further revealed that they watched the two happily and slowly moving toward the banks of the river while taking pictures. 

Moments later, they both slipped and fell in the river which had raging waters due to the ongoing heavy rainfall. 

The husband drowned on Sunday, April 4 in the evening while on an outdoor activity to celebrate his birthday festivities. 

“It was then that we rushed to the scene and tried to rescue them in vain. They were clinging to each other. It was a very sad and emotional incident,” Eliud Muriithi, a resident in the area said. 

According to another witness, tens of residents dived into the river in an attempt to rescue them. However, they couldn’t find them despite long hours of a thorough search even after involving the police. 

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A DCI report seen by Journalists reveals that some of the residents had called them out warning them to be careful but their warnings did not make any difference.   

The DCI boss has asked visitors and residents to stay away from the river banks during the rainy season because other cases had been reported in the past. 

The search for the couples continues as the officer also looks for additional information to see if they can establish their identity.

The deceased, Kelvin Muthomi, a hotelier at Kimbimbi town is said to have slipped and fallen at the Nyamindi fall as his wife and friend watched helplessly.

According to his colleague George Macharia, Muthomi who hails from Meru County and works at Kirinyaga had requested a day off from the hotel management to celebrate his birthday when the tragedy happened.

“We are told he slipped and drowned by villagers who alerted the area assistant chief and the police officers before informing his relatives in Meru,” Macharia said.


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