The Functions of Huduma Centers across the country


There are now over 40 huduma centers across the country as the government is racing to fully digitize it’s services.

This is according to head of the huduma Kenya secretariat Dennis mutuku.

The government is also trying to ensure that there are huduma centers in all 47 counties.

The purpose of huduma Kenya program is to turn around public services delivery by providing efficient and accessible government services at the convenience of citizens through various integrated services and delivery platforms.

The organisation in Kenya is headed by the project chairperson who oversees the operations and coordination of activities that the secretariat undertakes under the direction of the technical committee.

There are various services offered by huduma center which include Kenya power services,national hospital insurance fund,NSSF,KRA,Civil registration department, national registration bureau,among other offered to more than 5000 Kenyans a day.

The government is now in the process of actualizing all government services through digital platforms.

The principal secretary Amos Gathecha uploaded the service providers in all counties to make it a reality.

Thus will encourage all the members of the public to come for more services.

He confirmed that the government is looking forward to digitize all platforms thus will make the public to access them in the palm of their hands through smartphones.

By Romeo Were


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