The battle of the sexes, What has led to most fall outs on marriages??


The stereotype that all women only want money and that all men only want sex has robbed men and women of sharing their best qualities to form healthy relationships.
The battle of the sexes in modern relationships is each gender proving its value in the partnership.

This shift in tradition is attributed to exposure to different cultural mindsets escalated by social media and economic pressures.

Value has defaulted to money and sex as the bare minimum that each gender is willing to do for the other.
Amidst this, there is a rise of “Alpha males” and masculinity groups. In these groups, men are more willing to share valuable relationship qualities than with females.

This is not to say women don’t rely on money to escape the task of sharing similar qualities in relationships.

women only want money and all men only want sex

It’s almost like saying ‘if you want money or sex that’s all you get from me.’ Some people want commitment before establishing healthy foundations, others shun relationships because of money, and others think that the women who don’t want money or have their own money are the best.

What do you think should be done to regulate the falacies that are there in marriages??.

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