TSC issues notice on disbursment of pension schemes on teachers


TSC informed retired teachers that the commission had duly processed and submitted pensions to the Ministry of Treasury and Planning for the disbursement of the money. 

They were also urged to check their pension status on the TSC portal via tsc.go.ke. “The Commission has submitted teachers’ pension claims to the National Treasury,” the Teachers Service Commission confirmed. 

As outlined on the TSC website, retired teachers’ pension was calculated based on the years they served the state in various capacities.

A teacher’s salary was another factor considered while processing the pensions for retired educationists. 

Kenya’s employment stipulates that, like other public servants, teachers are required to retire after attaining the age of 60 years. 

It’s after the mandatory age of 60 years that a teacher qualifies for pensions, as would be advised by the Teachers Service Commission. 

The law also denotes that teachers living with disability are allowed to retire at the age of 65 years. 

The mandatory retirement age was, in 2009, reviewed upwards from 55 to 60 by the Public Service Commission. 

However, retired teachers’ pensions are often delayed by so many years for several reasons, including inadequate funds by the national government. 

Kenyan teachers are also entitled to other benefits upon retirement, as may be decided by the government from time to time. 


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