Former Chief Justice David Maraga leads the reforms of National Police Service


Retired Chief Justice David Maraga has led an action of police task force on recommendations made by National police service Commission at Bomas of kenya.

These were based on improvement of terms and Services for the members of National Police service from different stakeholders.

One of it being checking on welfare of female officer on Maternity issues where an allocation of 30,000 would be staked per head and salary increments on men and women in Uniform.

Eliud Kinuthia the chair of National Police

service Commission also touched on the
Reforms on National police services
Salary increment and welfare of female officers.

National police service Commission is set to implement Human Resource processes , a recommendation that was made at Bomas of Kenya led by retired Chief Justice David Maraga.

The main agenda of the task force is to enhance police welfare on improvement of terms , service and other reforms from various stakeholders.
One of it being the position of inspector general of police which is to be held on a rotational basis amongst all police unit .

The commission also checked on welfare of female officers who get pregnant.
Also the committee at Bomas checked on intentions of task force over conflict of command amongst it’s membership, as police salary was the main dialogue of the day as they have not been any salary increment since 2019, an action which is to be handled soon to reduce cases of corruption from men and women in Uniform

by Romeo Were .


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