Kenya Joins the battle against water pollution


The 10 th meeting of joint regional policy steering committee of Lake Victoria Basin kicked off in kisumu . The main aim of the committee is the East African partner state on a program of water resource management on lake Victoria and adapting to climate change in lake Victoria Basin as a way of scaling up agricultural system.

Also it stems up as a way of Scaling Agricultural system as an East African partner state in the move to fight Climate change and light up the Water Management in Lake Victoria Basin

The lake Victoria environment management program was ment to address issues on environment
pollution in selected hotspots in the five countries of East Africa, Kenya being one of them.
The project is funded by the world bank and African development bank. It focus on
water supply and sanitation in three aburn towns within East Africa.
As a way to fight the daily changing climate, the committee is dealing with waste water treatment and
solid waste management as an alternative livelihood for people living around the basin.
The global phenomenon on climate change has continued to be a threat and issue of great contagion

however countries and stakeholders have come to address the issues asking everyone in east Africa to
take an index to fight this problem of environment degradation to protect our community living around
the Victoria basin.
Over Ksh 25B has been allocated to find the program to improve sanitation services in kisumu,mwanza
and Kigali on coming 30 years on water supply and demand and environmental means at this region

By Romeo Were


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