The story of Marvin Oduor of Agoro Sare High School in Homa Bay County is one of a miracle laden,

Having being brought from the streets to scforing a B- in the KCSE is nothing any individual ca achieve in this nation

Oduor will soon be joining the university to study a course of his choice after scoring a B-plain grade in the 2022 Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education (KCSE), something he achieved while languishing in Nairobi as a street boy. 

It all began in January 2020 when Oduor joined Form One and got kicked out of his home to the streets. “There was a misunderstanding between me and my family when I decided to come to the streets,” he recounted. 

Like most unfortunate young men, Oduor found himself in the streets of Nairobi where he survives on begging and sometimes directing motorists where to park their vehicles. 

“Life in the streets is so hard. We receive beatings every time from City council askaris and the police,” Marvin lamented. 

Oduor who spoke to Photojournalist Joseph Mathenge, narrated that he attended Mission of Hope International school and passed his KCPE, getting 386 marks. 

However, with no one to lean on, Oduor joined a group of street boys with whom he worked with during the day and studied for KCSE at night.

Oduor prepared for his High School exams while on the streets but would occasionally dash to his mother’s house to do his school assignments before returning to the streets.

“I made it through hard work and tireless reading,” he asserted during an interview that was conducted on the streets of Nairobi. 

As Oduor turns 18 years old in June 2023, he only hopes to get a sponsor to assist him to continue his education at a public university. 

He concluded his interview with an encouragement to his fellow street children who, oftentimes, lack basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. 

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“Challenges are so many in the streets with natural ones like the rains and sunlight, which makes one to sleep most of the times,” Oduor explained. 


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