Senate begins probing into KSCE results drama


The Senate has began investigating into the integrity of the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) results following questions raised about their credibility.

Murang’a Senator and Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Education, Joe Nyutu, announced on Tuesday, January 24, that the Senate will summon senior officials from the Ministry of Education to uncover the truth about the administration of the exam.

Education Cs machogu in a past event

Nyutu stated that the Senate’s 16-member committee will investigate whether there was any leakage of exam questions.

The team will also look into reported cases of “abnormal curves” where schools showed a sudden and drastic increase in mean standard scores.

He urged Kenyans to be patient and allow his team to establish the truth of the matter.

The Senate will summon officials of the ministry of education so as to get to the bottom of this issue and will table a report on the same.

We are investigating whether there was leakage. We have seen queries by Kenyans on social media but we urge them to be patient. We want to ascertain the truth,” the senator stated.

This move comes days after Kenyans raised doubts about the results of some schools in the 2022 KCSE.

Responding to the concerns, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has maintained that the integrity of the exam was upheld.

The accusations were fuelled by reports that some schools in Nyanza and Kisii regions posted drastic improvements.

Among the schools whose results surprised Kenyans is Nyambaria High School where 84.22% of the candidates scored above A-, and Rigoko Day Secondary School which recorded an average mean score of 9, compared to 5.7 in the previous year.

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Defending the results posted by Nyambaria High School, the Cabinet Secretary commended the principal, whom he described as a performer.

If you look at his history, you will appreciate him because wherever he goes, there is a remarkable improvement.

The Senate will summon officials of the ministry of education so as to get to the bottom of this issue and will table a report on the same.

Let us wait for the 2023 exams and ensure our children work hard. Propaganda will not help us. If today you are number one and tomorrow you are not, it means you must work smart,” CS Machogu told Nation.

He also highlighted the efforts made by his ministry to ensure that the recent national exams were conducted in accordance with the law.

He praised the work of the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Digital Economy and the Communication Authority for their efforts to prevent any leaks or malpractice in the examination process.


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