Video of fighting Conductor and driver resurfaces


Kenyans online were left in awe after a video of a conductor and matatu driver fighting on a busy road in Nairobi County surfaced.

In the video shared on Tuesday, January 24, the duo disrupted traffic to engage in a fight on the road before proceeding to the pavement.

The conductor is seen running away from the matatu driver who relentlessly follows him attempting to kick him. However, his miscalculation on the kick saw him land on the hard pavement as the conductor burst into laughter. Following several failed attempts by the driver to throw a kick, the conductor laughed uncontrollably as he walked away.

Further, from the video, the matatu driver was seen barring the conductor from entering the vehicle before slapping him and pushing him into the middle of the road.

However, in the 30-second video, none of the other motorists or passersby stopped to help resolve the dispute.

The cause of the disagreement remained unknown as others suspected that the conductor failed to hand over the driver’s money collected.

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Others were quick to acknowledge the power of gravity that led to the heavy fall. Other Kenyans jokingly noted that the driver was fighting himself after missing the kicks.

As others sympathised with the passengers who were stranded on the road, some suggested that Kenyans should engage in aerobics to guarantee flexibility.

Kenyans also praised the conductor for running away as a way to stop the matter from escalating. They argued, “Sometimes you run away from someone because you do not want to destroy him.”

Meanwhile, others defended the driver for his rush actions noting that conductors can be irritating while on the road and the driver had no option.

“That is an internal affair, the driver dealing with the conductor. It must have been about money getting lost in the hands of the conductor. This is what matatu owners have been going through,” one argued.

According to the Penal Code, any person who takes part in a fight in a public place is guilty of a misdemeanour and is liable to imprisonment for one year.


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