Azziad speaks about speculating video online


Am Sure By Now Most Of You Have Seen It” Aziad Naisenya’s Message On Her Leaked Nudes.

Some netizens have been on social media trying to identify the woman in the video and some have pointed out that, in the video, she has the same tattoos as Aziad.

As the video speculated claiming to be of the tik to star, the internet was full of speculations but she was quick to dismiss the rumors, taking it to her social media pages and distancing herself from the leaked footage. This is what she said.

“I am Aziad, am still doing the work of uniting Kenyans. I am sure by now, most of you have seen it and I am here to bust your bubble because it ain’t me. I am grateful to my online family for just coming through and saying that’s not me. In 2023 we should not be creating false information around such topics because if you are spreading such information you know you are being an enabler of cyberbullying which honestly is not cool”, said Azad.


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