Results nuisance as reports of rigging surface


Most schools posted unusual mean scores in KCSE results released even as CS Ezekiel Machogu insisted there was no cheating.

It is not normal for schools to post an improvement of more than one point but some schools recorded a deviation of even four in their mean score.

For instance, Mobamba High School improved by 4.1 to post a mean score of 9.2 in the 2022 exam. Last year, the school posted a mean score of 5.1.

Machogu, however, said the 2022 KCSE administration and marking process was clean.

“We did come up with a mechanism that accountability was transferred to the personal level,” Machogu said.

The CS said the ministry devised various mechanisms to curb cheating.

“We said the centre manager will be personally accountable for any irregularities. We designed a form for security personnel to sign how things went,”hesaid.

However, a deep analysis on pertinent issues has raised questions about the deviations acquired by a number of schools in the results.

Nyambaria High School in Nyamira county had a positive deviation of 1.5 points, in 2021 the school recorded a mean score of 9.3.

In 2022 the school posted a mean score of 10.8 points.

From our analysis, this school has the highest mean score so far.

All the 488 students who sat KCSE at Nyambaria will get direct entry to the university.

The school had 28 A plain, 383 A minus, 76 B plus and one B plain. 

In Kisii county, Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho had 28 learners scoring A (plain), 201A- (minus), 97 B (plus), three B (plain), and one B (minus).

From journalists perspective , this could be the among top schools in the country with a mean score of 10.76

The little-known Nyakongo Boys had six A minus, 91 B plus, 82 B plain, 14 B minus .

The school managed a mean score of 9.54.

Kebirigo High School managed a 10 per cent transition to university with all students scoring C plus and above.

“We did come up with a mechanism that accountability was transferred to the personal level,” Machogu said.”

Cs Machogu

Despite having no A plain, four had A minus, 51 B plus, 201 B plain, 24 B minus and 11 C plus.

St Anthony’s Kitale garnered 41 A plain, 148 A minus, 170 B plus, 69 B plain and 9 B minus.

This means all students will be enrolled in university as government-sponsored students.

The school has a mean score of 10.33 points.

St Pauls’s Igonga Dok Secondary school has a mean score of 10.24 points.

The school had one A (plain), 28 A (minus), 78 B (plus), and 11 B (plain).

No student scored any grade below B (plus), all of them will go to university, through direct entry.

Overall performance in the country had 135,021 students score grade D+, with 70,238 being female and 64,783 male. 

In the data, students who scored D- were 167,758, equating to 18.99 per cent. 

“84,075  females score a mean grade of D- with 83,683 males.”

The D plain category had a total of 155,480 students. Males were 75,545, and females were 79,935. 

A total of 30,822 students attained grade E.


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