Manchester United’s manager Eric Ten Hag has spoken ahead of the sunday game between Manchester United and Arsenal

He has Outlined several factors that will make them win in the situation given their good form, the best since the era of Alex Fergusson

Erik ten Hag on #mufc’s win over Arsenal earlier in the season: “In the moment we played them, we could already see that the manager and coaching were working on the team for a long time.”

Erik ten Hag Arsenal: “You see really good structure on the team and they improved, during the first half of the season and there’s a really good spirit as well.”

Erik ten Hag on Sunday’s game: “We know what to do, we have to be really good. We need a really good performance but if we do, I think we also have a good chance to a good result out of the performance.”

Erik ten Hag on signings: “We will be doing our research and if there are opportunities we have to go for it.”

Erik ten Hag on Casemiro not playing against Arsenal: “As i said, we beat Arsenal last time without Casemiro so we have an idea of how to do it, yeah.”

Erik ten Hag on Arsenal: “It’s obvious they are in a really good run, and they deserve the position they have now, it’s a really good structure, how they play, a really good mentality, winning attitude in the team and that’s why they’re now top.”

Erik ten Hag: “They [Arsenal] are in a great run but it’s up to us to beat that run and we will do everything to do that.”

Arsenal will host Manchester United at home, Sunday after noon


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