WHO warns against posting and advertising of alcoholic content on social media pages


Word Health Organization (WHO) warns posting of alcohol on Social Media which seem to be digital
marketing of alcohol,saying the act is leading to alcohol consumption among Teenagers in Kenya.

On the same note parents have been accused of intiating teenagers of around 12 to 16 years which is 39% in the use of alcohol, which has led to teenage pregnancy and use of other drugs like Marijuana.

Teenage alcohol Consumption Government urged to integrate restrictions on alcohol Marketing
Parents and social media are key initiators for Alcohol consumption among Teenagers.
Catherine Mutundu A Family life consultant is amongst the Campaigners who are urging the governemnt to fund a move to stop alcohol consumption among Minors of the age of around 12 and 16 years who
represents 36.7% of those who have already consumed alcohol .

The initiators are as follows friends 32.2%, relatives 17.10%, parents 9.6% . Government has been on forefront to communicate to manufacturers, distributors and others stake holders rescue the future generations on this act ,
Catherine Mutundu -Family life consultant further says Parents are giving so many examples as Fathers contribute to around 80% percentage of alcohol consumption among children while mothers around 10% for those who take part in alcohol making.
Expert added that they drink for fun and for peer pressure. From the World health organization (WHO) has also said that people who post alcohol more so during festive season may contribute to digital marketing of this act making it to attract the teenagers at risky age , the core results are the rise of teenage pregnancy ,childr being attracted to other drugs like
Marijuana and even school unrest.
Bar owner have attested that enforcing the law remains a challenge to them as they do not own the


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