The rise of teen Pregnancy during the holidays


Teen pregnancy is on the rise even as learners continue enjoying their long holidays,with the schools
expected to be opened on January 23,2023.

According to various experts ,the long holiday might makethe number of teen pregnancies rise even further. In isiolo county,cases of teen pregnancies in the last 12 months stands at 1458.

The parents and all stake holders therefore being called upon to take good care of their children during the holidays.

Teenage pregnancy and motherhood rate in Kenya stands at 18% meaning that one out of five girls between age of 15-19 have either had live births or are pregnant with their first child.

The rate therefore is increasing rapidly and report shows that Kenya is ranked third world wide in teenage pregnancies. Nairobi being the leading county followed by Homabay(1530),Kajiado(1496) mandera( 1370),bomet(1041)

The causes of teenage pregnancies includes lack of information about sexual and reproductive health
rights, inadequate access to servises tailored to young people, family community and social pressure to
be married, sexual violence, child,early and forced marriage which can at times be a cause and a
consequence, lack of civic education and school dropout,no access to contraception and pressure on
girls to prove their fertility among others.

Girls who have minimal education has a high chance of getting pregnant as compared to ones who got higher education.

Pregnant girls often drop out of school thus limiting opportunities for future employment and increasing cycle of poverty. It also leads to maternal and child mortality thus lead to high health risks due to immature bodies.

H.E William Ruto urges Kenyans to team up in order to curb this vice. Human rights organization and gender activists are now calling for a robust strategy to tame this menace which spells doom for girls if not tamed.

As H.E speaks he urges Kenyans to team up to curb this menace countrywide. Telling parents to boldly have a sexual education with their kids to make them have a clear understanding of their reproductive organs.

In Migori county,the youth leaders hold a tournament that would bring youths together so as to reduce idleness since they could not reach to each other individually and give basic education concerning teenage pregnancies and also HIV tests


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