Former Inooro TV News anchor Muthoni wa Mukiri on Friday, January 20, announced that she will be joining KTN Home after a two-year break from mainstream media.

In a statement shared on Friday, the media mogul announced that she will be hosting a new show titled “The Skin Therapy” which will premiere every Sunday, from January 22 at 4.30 pm.

In addition, Muthoni announced that she will be hosting the show alongside actress Bridget Shigadi of the Maria show fame. 

“I will host the show alongside Bridget Shigadi. My premiere episode airs this Sunday at 4.30 pm. 

“I am excited about my new show – The Skin Therapy show which airs on Sunday at 4.30 pm exclusively on 
the (KTN Home). See you then,” she announced.

This will be Muthoni’s comeback to the mainstream after parting ways with Inooro TV in 2020. 

Besides venturing into entrepreneurship, Muthoni continued with her career as a media personality on her YouTube channel that specialised in life coaching. 

During her stint at Inooro TV, Muthoni grew in popularity nationwide and was part of the pioneering anchors at the Royal Media Services (RMS)-owned outlet alongside her then co-host Ken wa Kuraya. 

On her part, Bridget Shigadi has been thriving in her acting career – having featured in major films in Kenya and abroad. 

One of her notable characters was her role in Citizen TV’s rating juggernaut, Maria, where she played an antagonistic role as Sophia.

The unveiling of the new show came at a time when KTN Home’s parent company, the Standard Media Group, was in the process of restructuring amid constraints experienced by media houses. 

Tens of journalists and other employees were affected by the restructuring process which is expected to continue for a few months.


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