Embattled Kenya African National Union (KANU) Party Secretary General Nick Salat has laid bare alleged details behind wrangles with his party Chairman Gideon Moi that led to his eventual suspension from the political outfit.

This after a letter from Moi on December 15, 2022 noting that Salat was dismissed owing to claims of misconduct and violation of the party’s constitution.

Mr. Salat has now intimated that the genesis of the suspension came after a KANU meeting held in Nakuru where he allegedly challenged the leadership structure to resign following an underwhelming performance in the August 2022 polls.

“We took stock of our performance in the elections and I was asked what is happening to us because our trajectory has been on the decline since 2013. A party’s strength is measured by the number of elected members it has,” Salat told the Sunday Nation.

“I said in any functioning democracy, those in leadership including me and the Chairman, should not be in the same position. We should resign and leave others to lead the party.”

His sentiments, Salat added, were unsettling to some of the party members but he nonetheless drove his point home noting that the pertinent issues ailing the party ought to be addressed.

“People were shocked because those questions have never been asked before. We have just been sitting and praising the leadership. I said you cannot have a big name and no results to show for it,” he said.

“I asked the Chairman what he has done to ensure the success of the party.”

The suspension, which has seen Salat barred from performing his duties as KANU Secretary General, awaits a determination of the disciplinary committee which has already been formed to hear his case and render its determination after one month.

Salat affirmed that he will not shy away from the summons noting that it is crucial for him to clear his name.

The outspoken politician says that he is ready for the interrogation “even if I will not have a relationship with KANU.”

“Yes, I will appear to clear my name. If I don’t, it will appear that I’m running away from accountability. I will face them and tell them the truth,” he noted.

A party’s strength is measured by the number of elected members it has,

Nick Salat

To the reason behind KANU’s dismal performance in the elections, Salat claimed that the party was run like a one-man-show and he was barely offered a seat at the deliberations table.

It has been noted that Nick Salat has joined the ruling party UDA, after the dismissal and after him opening up about the situation that was happening in the back tent of Gideon Moi’s camp.

In one of the interviews he said that, though He loved Raila, he has since accepted the election results and has accepted Ruto as the fifth President of kenya


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