FKF’S ultimatum to Kona Rangers,Mayenje Santos,Dimba Patriots:


It can now be confirmed that FKF has written to the clubs giving them Forty Eight Hours to explain why they have not honored the last three fixtures failure to which it takes action and possibly relegates them.

This sets the stage for what would possibly put sanity or disarray into the leagues.

As reported yesterday,Fortune Sacco already obtained a court order barring FKF from taking such action on themselves and automatically all the mentioned clubs could enjoin in the suit as interested parties and under certificate obtain similar orders.

Legal experts warn that FKF is playing with a ticking time bomb on this issue and more dangerously the Judicial Review stay obtained in the matter coming up on the 23rd of January for directions.

FKF is not alive to the fact the secretariat does not play the role of NEC which was confirmed by the High Court as having been legally ousted and no Appeal preferred whatsoever.

That as such it leaves egg on face that FIFA met an illegal entity as per the court ruling in the infamous Amina case.

In the Milton Nyakundi case,NEC was advised not to concern itself with matters football.

Be it as it may there is a pattern to seek forced legitimacy by the Federation when in real sense they know any finding in favour of these clubs will surely bring all leagues to a sudden halt.

Now this is catastrophic as many clubs are merely getting by in terms of survival and the thought of playing friendlies again is disastrous.

Our efforts to reach these clubs point to one finding they will not go down without a fight and that is where FKF misses the point,it will be seen to be fighting a key stakeholder in the game.

Our research team is looking at the cost implications for all teams that participated in the “nullified ” caretaker league and we will put it in perspective once we get the report.

In other news the National Division One Zone B league seems to be heading to the woods if reports reaching us is anything to go by,10 clubs are considering a boycott and we are hearing a statement is due. In addition Kona Rangers confirm despite Muhoroni Young not setting foot at Musemwa Primary Grounds,the rogue FKF awarded them points begging the question,who attended the prematch meeting if both the host and the visitor did not show up at the venue?


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