Edwin Chiloba’s roommate in the middle of his gruesome murder


Edwin Chiloba’s roommate and best friend and roommate Jackton Odhiambo has been arrested after he was identified as the main suspect in the gruesome murder of the Eldoret based model.

Jackton who goes by the name Iam Lizer is being held at the Langas police station.

One of the neighbors says he heard noises and a fight in the house where Chiloba and Jackton lived. A scream followed and then total silence on that same night Chiloba was seen alive.

The caretaker of the residential area says Jackton Odhiambo was spotted with the same metallic box in which the model’s body was stashed. Neighbors say they saw the box being brought down the stairs. The caretaker called the police after the box was discovered and recorded a statement.

“I called the OCS who asked me to show up today. I met with his friends at the station. They said the box they saw in the house was the one that came down at night. They saw it clearly. The one who had carried was Jackton, according to what they shared with me.”

The caretaker narrated that there was a strong stench coming from the house. Jackton said a rat had died under one of the seats.

“One neighbour had complained of foul smell and as the caretaker, I told him I would try to find out what was wrong. The smell was strong when I was in Chiloba’s house when Jackton had indicated they were moving but when I asked what that could be he said a rat had died under one of the seats but had been removed though the stench remained.”

It has also been established that after Chiloba went missing, Jackton continued using his phone to make calls and mobile transactions.


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