“You were the best husband,” Former vioja Mahakamani’s wife to his husband


Former Vioja Mahakamani Actor Gibson Gathu wife Margaret Njeri has penned down an emotional tribute to her loving husband.

Gathu is being laid to rest on Tuesday, at his Matundura Home in Nyandarua County.

“You were the best husband,” Former vioja Mahakamani’s wife to his husband

The widow, Njeri eulogised her deceased husband as the family pillar.

“You were the best husband, father and grandfather. Your memories with remain fresh in our minds and we shall keep your legacy alive,” Njeri said

She also promised to remain present in both their children and grandchildren’s lives.

“Parting with you is the most heartbreaking event of my life. However, I take comfort in knowing that you have rested in glory and we shall meet again”Njeri said.

The late actor is survived by his wife and had three children, Trizza Mwihaki Githu, Grace Wanjiru Gathu, and Ian Gathu.

He also had several grandchildren.

Gathu’s daughter,Grace eulogised her father as a strong man saying she takes comfort in knowing her father had received total healing restoration.

“And that is what we do with that loss, our ability to transform it into a positive event,” she said.

The popular actor died in December 2022 after suffering kidney failure which was successfully treated with a kidney transplant in mid-2022.

According to the family, he eventually passed on due to cardiac arrest. 

An appeal seen by Word Is in June 2022 said Gathu was set to undergo a kidney transplant at Mediheal Hospital in Eldoret.

“Gibson has been managing diabetes for over 20 years now, but some time in November 2020 his kidneys failed hence he has been going for dialysis twice a week,” the appeal read.

It said the condition has drained the family financially.

The appeal said Gathu had a donor and needed between Sh5 million and Sh6 million for a kidney transplant.

The process was scheduled for July 2022 at Mediheal Hospital, Eldoret.

“The said amount is inclusive of post-surgery treatment for the recipient.”

A fundraiser was then scheduled for June 11 at City Hall, Nairobi, from 2pm.


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