Sudanese woman sentenced for kissing a man


A Sudanese woman accused of adultery has been spared the death penalty and instead will spend six months in prison after admitting that she kissed a man.

The 20-year-old girl was initially sentenced to death by stoning, which caused an international uproar and protest.

She was arrested by the police after her cousin killed her lover and she admitted in court that she was with a man and that the two had kissed.

He was sentenced to death after being found guilty of adultery by a court in the town of Kosti, in the White Nile state of Sudan.

Following international criticism, the state court reheard the case and eventually, the presiding judge changed the charge from “adultery” to “indecent act”.

Sudan still imposes the death penalty for some of the offenses mentioned by Allah in the Quran, including theft and adultery.

In the laws of Sudan carry punishments such as flogging, amputation of hands and feet, hanging and stoning.


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