Police probe the death of recce squad officer


The recce squad of plice officers have launched investigatons over the death of their colleague. The security officer identified as Harrison Onywoki Onuonga was attacked by thugs wielding crude weapons on Saturday, December 3, 2022.

According to police reports, the GSU officer was in the company of his two brothers when a gang of five men armed with rungus and machetes attacked them on their way home in Nakuru West.

The brothers, who were coming from a meeting when the attack happened, sustained severe injuries and were rushed to the Nakuru Level 5 hospital.

Police have launched investigations upon the matter and various contacts with witnesses have been on the panel.

Many people have come to give their condolences to the recce squad officer, This comes days after there were various allegations of increased crime both in Nairobi city and the country at large


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