In exactly 7 days time lovers of the game in the Western /Nyanza belt will have some local action to enjoy.We look at what to expect.

For starters most teams will be a bit stable in terms of support.

Michael Olunga Foundation Academy (formerly Sindo) will know doubt be the league’s most funded team if not well organised if the word from Homabay is anything to go with. The team has ropped in young quality talent and a blend of experience too.

Zoo Kericho is a team to watch due to it’s history in terms of organisation and links with the kericho County Government.

Green Commandos boasts of having international soccer connections as a result of having most of it’s alumni plying their trade in Europe and also it’s leadership has well oiled friends across the globe.

Nyota Fc are beneficiaries of corporate sponsorship and could also get massive political goodwill if they lay a claim for promotion this season.

Sunderland Fc as the name suggests gets a lot of goodwill and support from the UK and it is rumoured that the team having gained experience last season seeks to improve on their debut season.

Bondo United Fc is set to be a huge beneficiary of it’s local MP’s goodwill and will see their fortunes change.

Rumour has it it’s Patron has been appointed to the CDF management committee.

Luanda Villa is now a direct beneficiary of immense support from the Vihiga County Government and the Mumboha based side will be smiling to the bank.

Transfoc Fc from Kitale is now on the wage bill of the Natembeya led County Government of Tranz Nzoia,with their home ground set for a total refurbishment.

Mayenje Santos if they are not promoted to the NSL are positioned to be sponsored by the Paul Otuoma led Busia County.

Bungoma Super Stars are in final preparations to ink a deal with the Ken Lusaka led Bungoma County Government.

New babies Vegpro Fc are not new to the game and their recent resurgence has been associated with sound financial backing from the Naivasha horticultural entities and business moguls.

GDC from Nakuru gets support from the Geothermal Development Company although there has been disquiet on the basis of performance in general.

St.Joseph Nakuru benefits from the soccer crazy local political figures and they will as usual honor all their league commitments.

One team that has been conspicuously silent is Soy United. Smarting from the loss of its stars to a host of KPL and NSL teams,Soy has kept a low profile. Reports indicate the team has been on silent mode but a lot been happening behind the scenes as to player acquisition.The community side could do even better if the Kakamega County Government under Fernandes Baraza could adopt it for support in addition to Kakamega Homeboyz and Green Commandos.That one individual has funded it since 2016 is but a sacrifice and a challenge to many able individuals to support teams.What if they landed a sponsorship deal?

Reports indicate the team is likely to get support from the new area Member of Parliament in as far as organising a fundraiser for the team to acquire it’s own means of transport and logistics for the new season. We will watch Soy closely.

The Kent Labiswa sponsored Kona Rangers awaits the ruling of the SDT on 6th December as to whether they get a stab at the NSL or not.Word has it that the team has some international links with individuals who support it’s operations due to Kent’s connections.The team is seeking to be the second to feature in the NSL after Soy United and would still be a force to be reckoned with if it remains in Division One,we await.

Sigalagala Polytechnic will be buoyed by their promotion and importantly are likely not to have any logistical issues by virtue of them being an institution team and are expected to maintain their league status in a league that will see a record seven teams relegated at the end of the season.

Nyalenda Fc another rookie enjoys massive community support and it will be interesting to see how they fare with the logistical demands of the league. Just like Muhoroni Young the Nyanza based teams are keen to survive in the league due to sound local support.

Who will be promoted to the NSL?


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