Governor Ottichilo Speaks out


The governor of vihiga county, H.E Wilberfoce Ottichilo today had an interview with local radio stations and had pertinet issues to raise concerning the well being of the county at large,

On Education

The Governor’s Scholarship has been allocated funds and shall therefore continue working.

There shall be recruitment of new beneficiaries of the Governors scholarships after release of KCPE.

Bursaries shall start kicking in this January.

Ward Fund Allocation that will also cater for Education

On Ghost Workers

This is a national menace and not just a county problem.

At the time he assumed office, there were 4,600 workers at the county on payroll. He’s has since then reduced the number to 3,700 after a scrutiny was done.

Some of the county Ghost workers on payroll had finished their projects but payment continued due to lack of a follow up.

The County has ovee 20 Drivers but less vehicles.

Some County cleaners were put on permanent payroll even when they’re not working.

Majority of the workers were inherited from the Municipal Council and their removal is not that easy – however most are aged and by 2027, they’ll have retired.

There shall be introduced a Biometric follow up that will trace the performance of workers based on time spent in their offices, it shall also reduce laziness and know exactly who is working for the County.

On Youth

The Governor pointed out that most youths are Inactive and don’t want to come up with start up businesses that may receive funds from the County Government.

He has solid plans for youths that will begin in January next Year and this shall include;

~ Advertisement and appointment of the Youths Administration which shall have A Director, Chief Officer amongst others.

~ 30% Allocation of funds together with people with disabilities.

~ Youths should Organise themselves for the leadership positions to be advertised in January and also steer themselves up for self Development projects.

Recruitment shall be based on your popularity with your people, trustworthy and and accountability shall also be another factor.
He will give this most priority before his term comes to an end.


Wants every FAMILY or individual to have access to the NHIF in order to steer up the health sector.
Families or individuals/ Indigents who are needy will be identified and assisted by the County in settling their medical bills.

Every Sub County to have it’s own Hospital where normal medical operations will take place before being referred to MBALE REFERRAL HOSPITAL.
These Hospitals shall be equipped and Qualified medics employed to run them.

Equipping the MBALE REFERRAL HOSPITAL and employment of Doctors to ease treatment of patients and enable them get quick treatments.

On matters health

The Governor is committed to fighting corruption at all levels.

He has reduced corruption by half to 40% compared to the initial government.

He Said most cases come from procurement officer where you’ll find out that one person is managing almost ten different firms which are under him which ends up benefiting him alone.

That the change to Electronic Automation was the catalyst to reducing corruption, however there are still challenges with that

He noted that Good Governance is a recipe for the Growth of the County Government.


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