Ruto’s cabinet decries the coast of flour


President William Ruto’s Cabinet has opted to donate one month’s salary to the National Drought Mitigation Appeal Fund.

In a meeting held at State House on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, the nation’s apex policy-making body decided to support Kenyans in drought-stricken areas.

“In solidarity with all Kenyans affected by the ongoing drought, the meeting resolved that all members will forgo one-month salary as their individual and collective contribution towards the ongoing State interventions that support all the Kenyans affected by the drought,” the statement from the Cabinet Office read.

Recently the prices of Unga have been soaring high with the highest recent being 230 per 2kg. President Ruto has agreed to one month without pay in order to decrease the rising rates of Unga prices in the country,

The rise of Unga prices in the country has sparked a debate in the country, with many people questioning what Ruto and his cabinet have been doing. During the campaigns President Ruto promised to reduce the prices of Flour in the country


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