KOT express themselves following Gov Sakaja License Ban


Following the ban on night clubs in the end of last week, Kenyans on twitter popularly known as “KOT” have raised concerns over the impact the ban would bring on fellow Nairobians. In a hash tag that was hyped by them, they complained about how this would prompt the rise of insecurities in the country.

They expressed the concerns following the rise high living in the country, and with flour prices hiking, they thought this was the last thing the governor could do

One Kenyan particularly said this would impact job lessness in the country. “Sakaja’s order will affect so many people including permanent and casual laborers who will lose their jobs, it will also affect watu wa smokie, supermarkets, mutura people and even commercial sex workers,” He said

In the end of last week the governor of Nairobi, H.E Johnson Sakaja ban all nightclubs operating beyond 10:00pm with an effect of even cancelling their licenses, the effect was effect following a hike in loud noises from the clubs,

KOT have been the back load of criticizing the government on areas where they think the government has gone astray.

Sakaja has been doing several amendments in the county, with the hopes of improving the lives of people in Nairobi


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