Chelsea “close on Nkuku’s contract”


Chelsea are now very close on signing RB leipzig star Christopher Nkuku. The premier league club have been following up on him closely and have finished health tests and agreements. Health tests were done in mid-September

The two teams have had an agreed verbal statement on the registration fee of the player and his addons plus the transfer amount that will be viable. These deals were supposed to be secretive but a source linked to chelsea’s transfers revealed the whole story to the media.

On the part of Contract deal, a long term contract deal was agreed for the player and the player will sign a contract starting June next year.

On other news scouts from old trafford have reached out on Cody Gakbo as the perfect Cristiano ROnaldo replacement in the January transfer’s. Manchester United had sent scouts to spy on the youngstar and they had excellent remarks about his style of play, proving that he will be a perfect replacement for the Manchester united legend.

On his part Cody Gakpo has expressed his yearn to play for the premier league side, urging to put on his best for the team to recognize him. During his interview with one of the reporters he dropped hints of playing for Manchester United in the coming summer.

He said that, “hope they make the deal soon, cant wait to play for a great team like that, but as you know right now we are thinking about world cup and nothing else”


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