Cristiano Ronaldo’s records…


For one to become the best or the greatest of all times “GOAT” there are some records that one must fill and others that one must break. people like Lebron James and Mike Jordan in the Basketball have had to break records in order to achieve the “GOAT” status in their respective fields.

Cristiano Ronaldo though recently lightweight has had to break some records in order to become the greatest of all time. He has battled it out with great wigs like Lionel Messi and Ronaldino in order to conquer the world of football

The following are some of the records that have been broken by this legend of Manchester United

◾️ Most goals ever.
◾️ Most UCL goals.
◾️ Most UCL assist.
◾️ Most goals in one UCL season.
◾️ Most UCL quarter final goals.
◾️ Most UCL semi-final goals.
◾️ Most UCL final goals.
◾️ Only player to score in 3 UCL finals.
◾️ Most UCL titles in the 21st century.
◾️ Most goals in UCL knockout stages.
◾️ Most consecutive UCL away games scored in.
◾️ Most UCLs won.
◾️ First player to score 10+ CL goals for three different clubs.
◾️ Most seasons as CL top scorer.
◾️ Only player to score in all 6 games of a CL group stage.
◾️ First player to reach 100 CL wins.
◾️ Only player to score 60+ goals in a calendar year for 4 consecutive years.
◾️ Most goals by a Man United player in a single 38-game season.
◾️ Most international goals for a European or South American player.
◾️ Most goals in European Championships history (plus qualifying).
◾️ Most European Championships matches scored in.
◾️ Most penalties scored.
◾️ Most hat-tricks.
◾️ Fastest player to reach 100,200,300 La Liga goals.
◾️ Best goal to game ratio in La Liga.
◾️ Fastest player to score 150 goals in La Liga.
◾️ Fastest player to score 250 goals in La Liga.
◾️ Most goals in Real Madrid history.
◾️ Most headed goals.
◾️ Most games with 5+ goals.
◾️ Most match-winning goals.
◾️ Most goals for Juventus in a single season.
◾️ Fastest player to 50 Serie A goals.
◾️ Only player to score 30+ league goals in 3 of the top 5 leagues.
◾️ Most consecutive goals in Serie A.
◾️ Most consecutive goals for Juventus in Serie A games.
◾️ Most goals in a calendar year in Serie A.
◾️ Fastest player to score 350 goals for one club.
◾️ Biggest winning margin in Ballon d’Or history.
◾️ Oldest scorer of a World Cup hat-trick.
◾️ Most goals scored at international level.
◾️ Most appearances in UEFA Team of the Year.
◾️ Most UEFA Best Player awards.
◾️ Only player to score in 5 World Cups.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s records are just insane!


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