Interior CS in conundrum as he endeavour to establish a safe nation


There have been insecurity incidences in Isiolo and Wajir counties, whereby bandits involve themselves in theft of livestock, killing residents and leaving others with serious injuries. Due to the rise of insecurity in the regions, interior CS prof. Kithure Kindiki toured Wajir West and Isiolo North constituencies in order to assess security in those areas.

The interior CS met with leaders, security officers and residents in those areas to make plans of securing the areas which have been experiencing troubles of insecurity.

“I have ordered police reservists, those who are here at Wajir West and the other side of Isiolo north. Here at Wajir West I have ordered addition of 200 firearms. We will ensure security officers are added in those regions because we know they are not enough,” interior CS, Kithure Kindiki said.

He also requested community elders and leaders to work together with the county commissioners in those counties to maintain peace and harmony.

“I have ordered also chiefs and their assistants to do vetting for them to acquire firearms to protect citizens. You can’t seek help from them when you are in trouble when he is having an administrative stick only with no weapon to defend himself,” Kindiki said.

Leaders in those areas pleaded with those having firearms to surrender them to the government to achieve a common goal of peace. They said they would be held accountable for people who involve themselves in theft cases and killings, promising to unite the residents from the two counties.

The interior CS condemned the incident that happened at Miriti in Isiolo county whereby a judiciary vehicle was attacked, giving a clear warning to bandits to return the firearms before a thorough search for them is authorised.

“We have already started the operation to seek bandits who steal livestock and kill people. We must ensure that security is beefed up, those who steal other people’s livestock, their days are numbered. You have terrorized people for a long time now, you have got away with a lot of impunity. Your time for payback has come’, the interior cs said.

On Tuesday the interior CS visited Laikipia, Samburu and Kitui counties with the same reason to curb insecurity in the regions.

By James Chacha


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