Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s impeachment


Members of the county assembly of Meru have continued with their plan of impeachment of their governor Kawira Mwangaza who was elected as an independent candidate serving for 3 months now.

The last meeting held at the county assembly of Meru, the MCAs walked out if the house when the governor stood to deliver her speech. The impeachment motion tabled by the county assembly now want her out of office.

The impeachment motion states that governor Kawira engaged herself in nepotism, illegal appointments and unlawful dismissals, with the governor saying she is ready to defend herself against the accusations.

“If there are issues of nepotism, on 30 th November 2022, we will get to know those people who were employed in a way that is wrong. If there is money that is lost, we will know the amount. It is my plead to the leaders and the residents of Meru at large not to involve themselves with campaigns because they are over,” governor Kawira Mwangaza said.

The impeachment accuses Kawira of appointing her husband to non- existent offices, naming him as the patron representing Meru youth service and also as Meru hustlers’ ambassador.

The motion goes ahead stating that no transparency and competitive recruitment of members of staff, disregarded process of establishing husbands’ office and failing to submit husbands’ name for approval by the county assembly.

Further accusations by the MCAs stated that there were roadside declarations whereby fighters were appointed to the public rally at Timau and also appointment of market guards. Residents of Meru by been invited by the MCAs to share their views on the impeachment motion by Monday next week, afterwards the governor will be heard by the county assembly by Wednesday.

“I hope the governor will be given a chance to come and defend herself. On Wednesday we will discuss on the debate on the impeachment motion and cast our votes in terms of the proposal and views from the residents of Meru county,” Dennis Kiogora, minority whip, Meru county assembly said.

To impeachment motion is to be forwarded to the senate upon the debate hearing, of which the senate will decide if the governor will remain in office or not.
By James Chacha


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